Drone technology has a major impact on the film industry. Because of drones, filmmakers now have better options in terms of production. Read on and find out how drones are helping blockbuster films in huge ways.Using drones on set can dramatically reduce delays. This is because other film equipment, like large camera cranes and dollies on tracks, usually takes up a lot of time moving and setting up. More hours will be needed if helicopters are to be used for aerial shots. But if film crews used drones instead, setups won’t take as long and the production day could move faster.Drones will naturally reduce production costs since they will take the place of traditional equipment like dollies, jibs, and even helicopters.


Why use a drone for Filming & Cinematography?


Generally a helicopter could cost $20,000 to $40,000 for a 10-hour day shoot, while a drone together with its crew and insurance would only cost between $4,500 and $13,000 a day. Film companies can then save money and reallocate the budget to other aspects like production design, post-processing, and marketing.

Drone technology has provided versatile options for filmmakers to create intense, high-level action sequences. Consider the opening sequence in "Skyfall''. Drones were utilized to film James Bond in a high-speed motorcycle chase on the rooftop of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. This scene helped set the tone of the entire film, as audiences felt the adrenaline rush before even knowing the plot.

Even critics were impressed by this sequence since it earned the production team a Scientific & Engineering Award at the Oscars. Naturally, such recognition drew more audience interest towards the film.

Cinematography can do a lot to bring life to a film’s narrative, and one aspect it can show is scale. While a ground camera can achieve this by capturing a subject standing in front of a large structure or a wide area, it’s not as effective as when drones are used. Because of their versatility, drones allow filmmakers to capture a more complete view of a scene.

Take the drone shot of the pool party scene in The Wolf of Wall Street''. The drone filmed a bird’s eye view of the party at a beach house, thereby showing how massive and extravagant it was. These were concepts that the film also explored all throughout the narrative.



How can Johnnette JN1 help you take astounding aerial shots?

Johnnette JN1 is a  compact high speed drone designed to capture cinematic shots. The  first person view (FPV) drone videos were really about flying skills - either drone racing or freestyle flight, in which the captured video was incidental to the flight itself.  As FPV equipment has evolved and piloting skills have improved, it's opened up endless possibilities for much more cinematic content, in which the objective is to create highly entertaining visual content via camera-equipped FPV quads.  Cinematic FPV content tends to be smoother and slower than technical freestyle flight, and the settings are chosen more for their visual attraction than for the technical flying skills they demand.

Why choose Johnnette JN1?

Johnnette JN 1 can fly up to 110 kilometer per hour through hoops, around trees, over bars, and just about any object. Its dynamic system provides rapid payload integration and a unique, purpose-built propulsion automation to optimize performance.





The Johnnette Velox can travel longer distance per flight, than any drone in its weight class, so you can maximize your efficiency & plan operations with confidence







The Johnnette Velox survey drone includes 4K video and live stream functionality to activate out of the box or when required. It‘s precision flight path gives you control, without the need for additional GPS aids.


Max Speed



The Johnnette Velox offers a camera with 1080p resolution.

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