Johnnette JF-3  VTOL

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Johnnette JF-3 VTOL UAV combines the advantages of a fixed-wing UAS with the benefits of a multi-roter, for superior operational flexibility on land and at sea.

Innovative, versatile and easy to operate, Johnnette JF-3 VTOL combines the extended endurance, high-speed operation and large-area coverage of a fixed-wing UAS with the ability of a multi-copter to take-off and land in confined areas such as ships at sea. Small clearings and urban rooftops.

Johnnette JF-3 VTOL is a tactical drone meant for surveillance, monitoring and security. 

45 kg




Johnnette JR5 is very stable and allows the pilot to efficiently conduct ISR Missions.

50 km


3 hours




When it comes to reliability  JF-3 VTOL is the utmost factor. Johnnette JF-3 VTOL comes with various fail-safe options enabled making it the most reliable drone 

80 kmph

Max Speed



Johnnette JF-3 VTOL is less expensive compared to any other drone of the same category.

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          KEY FEATURES


  • Live HD Video

  • Complete Fail Safe enabled 

  • Over 300 hours of test flights

  • Affordable and easy to operate

  • Switchable Payload Capability