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Johnnette-JF2’s dynamic system that provides high speed maneuverability options, rapid payload integration and a unique purpose-built crash resistant aero-structure to optimize rugged performance. Additionally, the aircraft’s architecture maximizes commonality with all Johnnette unmanned systems, saving you money on long range operations.

Range 15  km

Endurance 60 Min

Height 1000 Meters



Johnnette NPNT Module

NPNT stands for No Permission No Takeoff and this is a procedural system that is mandatory as per the Indian DGCA. Therefore after a huge demand from the industry we invented this simple module that helps anyone integrate with their Drone to make DGCA ready NPNT compliant Drone. This module weighs less than 110 grams and is hardware and software temper proofed to comply with DGCA. Available at affordable prices for getting your Drone ready for digitalsky and DGCA approvals.  

Weight 110 Grams

Voltage 5V


Johnnette JR5 is our DGCA/MoCA exempted/Approved Drone exclusively for conducting Drone Pilot training in the Small Category of Drones as per DGCA CAR. This Drone is capable of making your ready for operations that allows you to obtain UAOP after you complete training from our training wing, Indian Institute of Drones which is affiliated to Pioneer Flying Academy (An approved FTO by DGCA). Getting your training certification from an approved FTO is mandatory if you want to operate your drones in the Small Category. 

Range 3km

Endurance 30 Min

Height 30m (Geofenced), 100m (Max.)



JOBOT 2A, a semi-autonomous unmanned ground system, revolutionizes the effectiveness and utility of perimeter security and represents a long awaited breakthrough in combat applications such as force protection, route proving, combat logistics support and more. The JOBOT 2A complies with ongoing military and industry standards, for which it was exhaustively trailed over thousands of operational hours. The JOBOT 2A system is an inclusive solution, comprising the vehicle, a command and control application, a customer tailored communication system, a modular selection of payloads.   

Range 1 Km

Endurance 2 Hours

Weight 4 Kg

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